Frequently Asked Questions


What is a general eye exam and does it include a test for glasses and/or contact lenses?

Answer: A general eye exam is considered a test of the form and function of the visual system. The various tests performed involve participation by certified technicians, optometrists and ophthalmologists. A test for glasses and/or contact lenses is called a refraction, is typically performed by an optometrist, and it may or may not be covered by insurance.

Do I have to have vision insurance to see an eye doctor?

Answer: No, visits for eye exams are typically covered by medical insurance but can be billed to vision insurance if available. Purchase of glasses or contact lenses may also be covered by vision insurance.

How often should I have an eye exam?

Answer: Routine eye exams should be performed every year if you wear contact lenses or glasses. Screening eye exams should be performed prior to entering school for all children, and earlier if family risk factors or medical risk factors for eye disease are present (i.e., amblyopia, diabetes, hypertension, glaucoma, autoimmune disease). If no risk factors are present, another exam by or before age 40, then every 2-4 years until age 60. After 60, exams should be scheduled every 1-2 years if no risk factors are present, and annually if risks exist. Your eye doctor can customize recommendations based on your predilections.

Can prescription lenses be made in sunglasses?

Answer: Yes, almost any prescription can be manufactured and fit into a stylish, comfortable pair of sunglasses.

I could not wear contact lenses in the past due to dry eyes. Do I have any options today?

Answer: Yes, there have been many developments in the materials and manufacturing of contact lenses which create opportunities for wear for many who have failed contact lens trials in the past.

Does my medical insurance pay for eye surgery?

Answer: Medical insurance will cover eye surgery according to your benefits package except for the costs of LASIK, PRK, or premium lenses used in cataract surgery.

What if I don’t have insurance of any kind?

Answer: Our financial counselors will be happy to discuss options for cash payments or financing services through Care Credit.

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